Interlock Services

Friendly Motors and Marine have partnered with East Idaho Interlock for all your ignition interlock installation needs in Rigby and the surrounding areas. All states have some type of ignition interlock law, and if you have been convicted of a DUI, an ignition interlock device may be offered as an alternative to a driver’s license suspension. We specialize in the installation and maintenance required for

  • Low-Cost Interlock
  • Intoxalock
  • Draeger

If a driver’s breath alcohol concentration is over the legal level, the Draeger interlock device, which is connected to the vehicle’s ignition system, will stop the vehicle from starting. If you need to get an ignition interlock devices, we have the experienced professionals needed to offer top-quality service for ignition interlock installation in Rigby. Call today at (208) 346-0677 to work with our skilled ignition interlock installers.

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